Code of Responsibility

As you now know, the success of the partnership between our firm and our clients is extremely important to us. Often there are misunderstandings as to where responsibility for certain actions falls. In the interests of clarifying this relationship, we have laid out the roles that each of us will perform, and identified responsibilities that we will share jointly.

Financial Consultant Responsibility

  • Knowing your financial needs, goals, and changing situation
  • Maintaining confidentiality—keeping all information pertaining to your finances private
  • Constructing an asset allocation to match your objectives
  • Selection of specific securities for your portfolio
  • Frequently communicating with you through monthly and quarterly reports, as well as through meetings
  • Rebalancing your assets over time
  • Rebalancing your assets as circumstances change

Joint Responsibility

There are certain responsibilities that are shared by both of us, including:

  • Determining the investment objectives. We will strive to attain a mutual understanding as to your risk tolerance and anticipated returns.
  • Determining product selection. We will agree on the types of investments (mutual funds, stocks, annuities, etc.) that will be incorporated into your portfolio.
  • Monitoring performance. We will track the overall performace of your portfolio and the udnerlying assets together, letting one another know when we are uncomfortable with an investment. 
  • Determining taxable consequences. You must inform us of your tax situation so that we can build tax-efficient portfolio.

Client Responsibility

  • Providing us with all financially relevant information
  • Establishing a financial goal
  • Notifying us of liquidity needs and expected cash flow
  • Informing us of any change in objectives and financial situation
  • Trusting our expertise