Intelligent investors often ask, “What is your wealth management process?” The following pages aim to provide the answer. There is a system to our practice, and, when managing our clients’ assets, we adhere to it. Below, you will find a brief overview of our six-step process.


  1. Establish Client and Financial Consultant Relationship

The goal here is for us to get to know each other so that all parties can determine whether our firm is a good fit for the client and vice versa.

  1. First Planning Meeting – Gathering Data

At this first planning meeting, our goal is to spend the time together “talking to you about you”.  The better the job we do seeing the world through your eyes, the better the job we will do putting together a plan that is appropriate for you.  We will identify your principal needs and objectives, and work with you to prioritize both short and long-term goals.

  1. Preparation of a Draft Plan

Following the first meeting, we will analyze all data collected and prepare a draft financial plan.

  1. Draft Review Meeting

A draft of your initial plan will be presented so that we can confirm information, goals, and priorities.  During this time, strategies for achieving goals are discussed and evaluated and the foundation is established for the initial working financial plan.

  1. Implementation

Based on the goals and objectives outlined in your plan, recommendations for implementation are prepared and presented and we begin taking appropriate steps to put your plan info action.

  1. Ongoing Review and Reporting

The financial planning process is ongoing and requires consistent, regular monitoring and, if necessary, modification to ensure the clients financial success.